Is executing a code such interesting??? Ok let's see it in a while... What about executing the code with screen-off... Will that be interesting??? Find out more by going through our event.
    Entry Fee: Rs.100/-
    Only a single person is allowed to participate (no team)
    Here comes the event which lets u to test your executing skills. Vak stands for “BLIND” in Hungarian language. This event consists of 2 rounds.
  1. Round 1:
    1.1. The participant will be given the code in a paper.
    1.2. The code will be given jumbled, so the participant have to organize code in order.
    1.3 After organizing the code, he should execute it with the screen off.
    1.4. After the Tik-Tok stops, the person who executed it successfully and also the ones with limited errors will be promoted to next level.
  2. Round 2:
    2.1. Here only question would be provided without paper.
    2.2. Participant must develop and execute their code directly in the system.
    2.3. And the one with successful execution or with limited errors will be the winner.
  3. Rules
    ⦁ Use of phone and internet is not encouraged.
    ⦁ No extra time will be provided.
    ⦁ Even a minute mistake will be considered and there will be no exceptions.
    ⦁ We will be considering only if anything goes wrong due to technical issues.
    ⦁ If you are registered and could not make to the event, your money will not be refunded.
  4. Rewards
    3.1. The winner of the event will be rewarded upto Rs.1000/-
    3.2. The runner of the event will be rewarded upto Rs.500/-
    3.3. You will be rewarded with a certificate of our university
    3.4. We will be providing Internship coupons if you are interested

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