This is a platform to expand your knowledge and enhance your presentation skills.

  1. criteria :
    * You will prepare poster at your home, you need to submit that at the time of event.
    * The participants will be participated in a team.
    * each team contains max of two members.
    * The teams will exhibit their posters.
    * The best teams will be selected by the judges based on their presentations.
    * time: 10-15 mins.

  2. Topics
    * Green Computing
    * Face Detection Technology
    * Ethnic violence
    * Robotics for military violence
    * Cloud computing
    * Advanced wireless connections
    * Organic light emitting diode
    * Smart antenna
    * Biochips
    * Broadband over powerline
    * Brain gate technology
    * Cellphone-operated home automation system
    * Internet of things
    * JRobitics
    ** or you may select your own Topic and come with that .


  1. 1st prize: upto 700/- cash.
  2. 2nd prize: upto 300/- cash.
  3. Winners and Runners will also get GO Karting Coupons
  4. Rest of the participants will be given certificates as token of appreciation.
  5. Registration Fee : 100/- Per Team

Event Coordinators

Leela Prasanthi

Mobile : 7989874461
FB:Prasanthi Janni


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