Are you searching for any competition to know your coding skills??
    Code marathon helps you out to prove your speed, accuracy and efficiency. It emphasizes your knowledge in the world of algorithms. It revives the geek in you and introduces you to the next level of programming.
    This event is not just about writing the code; it also makes you to solve the logic of the program.
    Entry Fee: 200/- per team
    Participants: Will be in teams and a team should comprise of maximum 2 members. Teaming can be of their choice
  1. Round 1:
    1.1. First round will be on coding. Participants will be given a question to code in either C or C++ programming language.
    1.2. Different teams will be provided with different questions with same difficulty level.
    1.3. They have to write the program in half an hour (keep your code as hard as possible without comments).
    1.4. They must execute for the test cases that are given after compilation of their program.
    1.5. The teams who executed successfully within time are promoted to second round.
  2. Round 2:
    2.1. All the programs that got through first round will be shuffled and redistributed among the teams that are promoted.
    2.2. Participants have to analyze the code given to them (questions are not revealed to them when distributed and compiler will not be provided for this round) and they should be able to guess the output for the given test cases.
    2.3. The team who reveals it first will be awarded.
  3. Terms and Conditions:
    1. For the first round, for writing the program, only the libraries (if needed) given along with the question are to be used.
    2. For the second round, the participants are only allowed to read and analyze the code. No one will be allowed to rewrite or execute the program that is given to them.


  1. 1st prize: upto 1000/- cash prize.
  2. 2nd prize: upto 500/- cash prize.
  3. Both will be provided with internship coupons (one coupon for one team) if interested.

Event Coordinators

K. Ganapathi

Mobile : 9494353235

B. Chandu Pavan

Mobile : 9642224339

V.B.S. Mahalakshmi

Mobile : 9550472569

P. Sita

Mobile : 8185071755