1. Intro:
    What if the so popular game "Treasure Hunt" is made in technical way??? Come find the answer by participating in our "CODE-HUNT" event. Go through the details to find how and when to participate.....
    Entry Fee: 200/- per team
    Team: A team may contain of 1 or 2 members based on your interest.
  2. Round 1:
    2.1: This round consists set of functions written in basic “C Language”.
    2.2: You will be provided with initial input for the 1st program.
    2.3: You need to get the output based on the given input which acts as input for the next question.
    2.4: This chain continues till the end of the programs. 2.5: You will be awarded marks based on number of correct outputs you got.
    2.6: If you scored more than the qualifying mark, congrats you are into Second round.
    ***Be more cautious. A mistake can lead you to a series of mistakes***
  3. Round 2: How deep can you go????
    Don’t be worried by reading the title... It is not about going into water or so..... It’s just a recursive loop
    3.1: You will be given a folder
    3.2: Inside that there will be 2 pdf files... Among them one is locked while other is not
    3.3: The one which is not locked contains a code... The output of the code will be the password to the other pdf file...
    3.4: Inside that pdf file there will be a part of final code... You need to note it down or copy that for further proceedings
    3.5: Along with that 2 pdf files there will be a folder again which itself contains 2pdfs and a file with the above-mentioned pattern
    3.6: This repeats say some 15times...
    3.7: The small parts of the code which you get inside the locked pdfs now plays the role for success.
    3.8: The code you get will be in a jumbled way... You need to arrange them and produce the output for the given input
    3.9: The first team which produces the correct output will be declared as winner and be given the cash prize....
    **Isn't this interesting.... To know you should participate and also be qualified from the first level**


  1. 1st prize: upto 1000/- cash prize.
  2. 2nd prize: upto 500/- cash prize.
  3. Both will be provided with Internship coupons if interested


  1. Use of phone and internet is not encouraged.
  2. No extra time will be provided
  3. We will be considering only if anything goes wrong due to technical issues
  4. If you are registered and could not make to the event, your money will not be refunded.

Event Coordinators


Mobile : 8464094467
FB:Puli Ajay

Sriram Chamarthy

Mobile : 7093764540

Borra Priyanka

Mobile : 9866849445

Bala Naga sri

Mobile : 8185953377
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