Get ready guys!!!! For the most awaiting event of CRESENSE 2K19!!you will be MAAAADDDD TO MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!! one of the most exciting events “BEG BORROW STEAL”.
    There are bucket loads of fun, with students running around, begging and stealing. No questions, No answers, having fun, think smart, Do win. Participants will be given a list of things……And they have to fetch them as fast as you can…
    Entry Fee: 100/- per team
    1.1. A team will comprise of 2 members
    1.2. All the teams will provided with list of items
    1.3. Team members will have to complete the task within a time limit of 30 minutes
    1.4. Team can either beg, borrow or steal the items given to them
    1.5. After the completion of the task the teams are required to report to the coordinators for evaluation
    1.6. Teams will be judged on first come, first serve basis and also the items they were able to collect


  1. 1st upto prize: 700/- cash
  2. 2nd upto prize: 300/- cash

Event Coordinators


Mobile : 7337283198
Gmail :


Mobile : 9492325031


Mobile : 9502993924


Mobile : 7995967536
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